Business Strategy

Tips to overcome the skilled-labor shortage

We feel it.  Our nationwide skilled-labor shortage is impacting businesses across industries.  From dropping unemployment rates, and the Great Resignation, to heightened consumer expectations, and increased consumer demand coming off the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses continue to feel the pinch. The problem isn’t going away.  In fact, attracting and retaining qualified job candidates are the top concerns of 72% of employers...
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Business Strategy Communications

Communication is the heart of your strategic success

When you think about who is behind developing your company strategy, do you imagine the Great and Powerful Oz behind a curtain rendering up illusions for your organization? Do you have an idea how your company strategy is developed? Or by who? Heck - Do you know your company strategy? Well, one thing’s for sure. Your team needs to know...
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Brand Social Media

Be the master of your (social) domain

It’s been an interesting first few weeks for the Elon Musk-led Twitter.  With an array of controversial new policies, one of the most contentious is the $8-a-month charge for ‘blue tick’ verification.  (I’m sure most of you have seen or heard some of the stories by now.)  From a fake Pepsi account tweeting “Coke is better” to a bogus Chiquita...
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Powerful event marketing trends to exceed expectations in 2023

Humans crave human connections. Since the global pandemic there is pent-up demand for deeper, more meaningful contact with friends, family, community, and perhaps surprisingly, brands. We see when customers bond with a brand through event marketing experiences, it creates stronger loyalty and increases their propensity to buy. A recent report by Knowland anticipates that meetings & events will recover to...
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Brand building attracts customers and builds a strong funnel

Uncovering new prospects and gaining their attention is mainly the responsibility of Marketing teams. Brand building efforts to increase awareness and fill the top-of-funnel are key to maintaining a healthy sales pipeline quarter-over-quarter. Despite the importance, there are headwinds. Prospects and customers inundated with digital messagingTight budgets with pressure to demonstrate ROI on every marketing dollar spentBusiness focus placed on...
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Business Strategy Marketing Strategy

Workforce stuck? An agency may be the answer.

Working with an agency can be great for employees and companies. Finding the right partner can boost energy, offer much-needed support, and spark creativity within a team. Whether your organization has an experience or skill gap to take on a project, or just needs additional helping hands, partnering with an agency is a low-risk investment when it’s the right fit....
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Business Strategy Marketing Strategy

Building and Sustaining the American Dream

Innovation and entrepreneurship are bedrocks of the American dream.  The cultivation of new ideas, presenting new solutions to challenges, and reimagining solutions and services keeps our economy and communities thriving.  All too often external and internal factors can sidetrack unique ideas, brave choices, and investments, ultimately stalling progress.  We see thirteen common business challenges where strong marketing strategies can provide...
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