Building and Sustaining the American Dream

Innovation and entrepreneurship are bedrocks of the American dream.  The cultivation of new ideas, presenting new solutions to challenges, and reimagining solutions and services keeps our economy and communities thriving.  All too often external and internal factors can sidetrack unique ideas, brave choices, and investments, ultimately stalling progress.  We see thirteen common business challenges where strong marketing strategies can provide resolution and accelerate growth.

business challenges and the american dream

1.  Agility in your strategy and execution
Are you trying to do more with less or be more responsive and targeted when engaging customers?

2. Finding new customers, increasing interactions, and boosting the sales funnel and/or traffic
Is your business stagnating? Are you launching new products, or expanding into new markets? Are you finding what’s worked in the past, isn’t working now?

3. Gaining the attention of inundated prospects and customers
The amount of information and competition is ever-increasing. How do you cut through and grab your customer’s attention?

4. Managing multiple marketing channels
Do you feel overwhelmed by managing your brand on social media? Do you wonder, “where should I invest resulting in the biggest bang for my buck? How do I keep my messaging consistent?”

5. Building and maintaining your reputation
Do you struggle communicating your value gaining traction against the “big guys”, or creating customer advocates?

6. Meeting changing customer expectations
Do you worry about continuing to exceed your customer’s expectations in a dynamic market?

7. Standing apart from your competition
Have you ever said, “our product or service is far superior, why are customers still buying from THAT company?”

8. Sharing the right stories because content is king
Should you be on Twitter or start a blog? Where are people getting information about you? What kind of content matters to a buyer?

9. Personalizing human connections
Nothing leaves a stronger impression of your brand than engaging experiences. How are you creating memorable connections with clients, partners, and employees?

10. Demonstrating ROI
Did that investment result in more customers? Did you receive more web traffic? Are you closing more sales? Are customers happier with your service?

11. Attracting and retaining quality talent
It’s no shock that finding qualified employees and keeping them is harder than ever. What more can you do to create excitement, loyalty, alignment, and collaboration with your teams?

12. Increasing industry awareness and education
Are you pondering, “how do I increase the knowledge of both employees and customers? How do I tap into industry influencers? How do I create advocates for our business?”

13. Navigating the lack of resources
Are you growing and can’t staff-up quickly enough? Are there market opportunities you can’t capitalize on? Do you have the in-house expertise to support growth?

Don’t let the list get you down. These roadblocks are common and they’re not insurmountable. Many times, the best way to tackle these obstacles is by turning to disruptors and creative challengers. Bringing in new voices can immediately energize teams to discover fresh approaches and boost know-how muscles to implement daring strategies that push the status quo and reach new heights.
This is why we created Wild Plum. We firmly believe that strong communities are built by successful businesses that do good things for people and the planet. We’re bringing our lifetime of experience to growing small businesses, entrepreneurs, and established organizations to enrich their foundations and meet these challenges head-on. Let’s build the next generations of healthy, resilient communities and businesses to work together towards the same goal, making the world a better place one success at a time.

Jason Engler
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Wild Plum, LLP