Workforce stuck? An agency may be the answer.

Working with an agency can be great for employees and companies. Finding the right partner can boost energy, offer much-needed support, and spark creativity within a team. Whether your organization has an experience or skill gap to take on a project, or just needs additional helping hands, partnering with an agency is a low-risk investment when it’s the right fit. And now, it may be more needed and commonplace than ever before. 

The workforce is amid a renaissance. COVID forced the hand of transformation as businesses adapted or downsized leaving some of the talent pool in a lurch or desiring something new. A variety of factors: immersion of work from home, the new rhythm many people found, and the desire by many to re-evaluate their “next” left several professionals seeking a new path or checking out from corporate America altogether. And let’s not forget what was already happening: Boomers retiring. Human capital became the new supply chain toilet paper! 

And while many companies evolved to be more flexible, adapting to new workplace preferences, the demand for skills and knowledgeable experts didn’t slow down. Workers are exhausted and faced with leading change and undertaking initiatives they may not be resourced for. 

But sometimes people debate when is the right time to use an agency. Some may say it’s when you need additional hands to get things done because your team is overwhelmed with volume. Others may say it’s when you have a project that is so specific and special, that you don’t have the skills, knowledge, tools, or expertise in-house to manage it alone. There’s no debate. You’re both right! 

You may also have had a negative experience, no history, or be concerned about adding complexity to or distracting your team. If there is something holding you back, try and identify it. For example:

  1. You never considered an agency. In many cases, start-ups and even established companies, may not think they need one. But there are likely unaddressed challenges or unrealized opportunities that an outside-in perspective and team can identify and take on. 
  2. You have never worked with an agency. You may feel overwhelmed about knowing where to start, how to select an agency, and who to work with from a field of experts. Or you may be unclear about how the engagement works or what it will be like to invite outsiders in. Talk to us or another agency about your reservations and how we can help. You should feel confident in the investment. 
  3. You have worked with an agency and didn’t have a wonderful experience. That has left you feeling sour about the value they contributed. Ensure you find a resource with experience and strong skills that match your needs. Understanding any agency’s approach and scope of work well in advance should ensure they will help you arrive at your desired outcomes. 
  4. You have an agency of record and/or a group of agencies you work with. It’s always a good time to mix in a fresh perspective. Find a new or unique scope of work to assess a new partner. Or change out the partner who you feel is contributing least to your business. 

Lastly, working with an agency should bring confidence in your ability to demonstrate impact on your organization. Any agreement should have a defined scope of work detailing deliverables. You should know exactly what you’re paying. This is critical as technologies shift, organizations change how they operate, evolve to meet demands, and become agile enough to be opportunistic and grow. Relying on a workforce that won’t be growing won’t get you there. Don’t turn your back on opportunity. Turn to us. We’re here to help.