Creating a strong brand language

At Wild Plum, we’re hyper-focused on creating strong brands. In this blog, we hear from a colleague and friend who is just as passionate about brand. In fact, he creates and speaks brand language!

Don Hansen is an art director, marketing visionary, and artist. With more than 30 years of experience, Don’s imagined, created brands, and helped brands reach their upper limits. We asked him for his perspectives on how design plays a powerful and omnipresent role in representing your brand’s business.

We hope you enjoy the Q&A of our conversation below.

How does a brand show itself beyond the name and logo?

Your brand shows up everywhere you do. Whether it’s color, design style, sound, tone, or animation, having a comprehensive brand program means all of those aspects have been intentionally chosen to reflect the unique attributes of your brand. When applying these aspects consistently, it builds recognition and trust. It’s dependable. You know what to expect.

What is visual brand consistency and why is it important?

Visual consistency is a really important aspect of brand. There is a sort of mental muscle memory to it. Colors, shapes, and images build a visual language that is unique to your brand and helps differentiate you from others. When my kids were young, they could identify restaurants and other places they liked before they could read. It’s really a primary function and very powerful.

Where does a brand “show up”?

Brands show up differently in different applications. Businesses that are primarily digital in nature should be hyper-focused on defining their user experience and really lock down the elements that define their customers’ digital journey. Businesses that have a strong physical presence, like restaurants, may place a higher priority on defining the elements that create a unique feel in their spaces, such as music, furniture, lighting, even smell. Brands should also consider how they look and sound to their employees within their own facilities. Each environment and audience demands its own unique consideration.

How can refining a brand help a business?

Refining your brand can positively impact your business in surprising and impactful ways. It’s vital that your brand aligns with your business strategy. When you make intentional choices about the way you look, feel, and sound that align with your strategy it can add a heightened sense of commitment, purpose, and pride throughout an organization. Imagine if everyone in your organization could clearly and simply articulate who you are and what you believe in. It’s a powerful thing that can manifest itself in many ways.

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